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Italian Language and Culture
Italian Language and Culture

Via Mario Mantini 8, Pescara, Pescara, Italy, 65125

0039 393926998208

My goal is to enhance your knowledge of the Italian language while exploring the culture of Italy and Abruzzo. During our cultural research, In our lessons, we will talk about the traditions and festivities of Abruzzo. If you live here we will go together to taste local food or to have an aperitivo and talk to locals. If you live abroad We will experience the Italian and Abruzzese lifestyle through videos and readings.

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Italian Language and culture lessons for any level, online via Zoom or in presence both in Pescara or Montesilvano, Abruzzo. I offer private or group lessons tailored for ex-pats, travellers, Italian descendants, Italian culture lovers. We will explore together all the aspects of the language such as speaking, listening, phonetics, grammar, reading. The teaching approach I like the most is based on the idea that learning a language successfully comes through having to communicate real meaning. You will speak Italian from lesson one

Abruzzo Italian Language Course

Italian Language & Ancestry Lessons