Abruzzo – Cocullo Tote Bag


Carry a little bit of Abruzzo wherever you go with this cute tote bag!

Estella Canziani’s evocative illustration of Cocullo’s patron saint, San Domenico is from her book, ‘Through the Apennines and the Lands of Abruzzi Landscape and Peasant Life’.  It ensures you won’t ever forget a cloth bag again, cancelling out the need for plastic bags, replacing them with a beautiful timeless scene from Italy’s rocky heart.

This cloth eco shopping bag is part of the Life In Abruzzo community initiative, ‘Don’t Let it Burn’ created to raise awareness about the increasing wildfires in the region and methods to counter them.

Each bag is printed locally to your home address ensuring you only have to pay for local shipping which results in reduced emissions.

This tote bag has long handles with reinforced stitching for more stability and can be easily folded up and slipped into any handbag. 

Reinforced stitching on handles

– Capacity 10 litres

– 100% cotton

– 3 – 5 oz/yard², 100 – 170 g/m²

This product is made on demand. There is no minimum order!

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