Handpainted Personalised Wild Rose Christmas Bauble

 8,00 10,00

Bring the warmth of an Abruzzese Christmas into your home with a hand-painted, personalised forever ceramic Christmas bauble.

Children adore personalised gifts that bear their own name, and love traditions! Hanging this bauble up, especially for those of Italian ancestry is a little gift that can be treasured and reused each year, rekindling all the memories of the people that shared it, or gift one to Mamma & let her treasure hanging it up each year!

The design is based on Abruzzo’s wild roses (sweetbrier) that are found across the region.

These hand-painted Abruzzese Christmas baubles are available in 2 sizes.  Simply pick a size and don’t forget to add the name(s) of who you would like the bauble dedicated to!