Don’t Let it Burn 22 Charity Wall Calendar (US & CA Version)


The LifeInAbruzzo charity wall calendar was created from the kindly donated photos from members of its Facebook group, many of who are extraordinary photographers.

Its ‘cloud’ theme is to heighten awareness of the increased wildfires that burn in the region.  After printing costs, 50% of the calendar’s price will be added to the ‘Don’t Let It  Burn’ appeal, which will continue to draw attention to the detrimental impact that the climate emergency is having on the region, and be ready funds pot to help wildlife injured in the fires.

Your calendar will be printed locally to you on-demand, reducing the carbon footprint of this product as well as taxes and shipping costs.

This calendar is for Canadian and American shoppers whose paper sizes are different from the rest of the world. If you live outside of these 2 countries please instead CLICK HERE to order your copy.

Due to this being a print-on-demand product please create a separate order for the calendar and not include other products on the Marketplace when purchasing.

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