Artisan HomeLearning & Candlemaking Class


Learn candlemaking at home with a starter kit, detailed guide & video conference tutorial.
You can make a quality handmade scented candle at home with natural soy wax, fragrance & wood wicks. My artisan workshop kit contains enough material to make 4 candles for those who’d like to get creative and learn ARTISAN CANDLEMAKING THE RIGHT WAY.

Tried, tested and designed by me.
With a little know-how, it’s easy at home!

Or make all 4 candles for yourself!
The kit includes:
· A detailed, easy step-by-step PDF guide of everything you need to know including materials, science and trouble shooting.
· Pre-wicked tins in rose gold x 4
· Natural soy/coconut blend wax for x 4 candles
· 4 x hard-copy candle safety labels (plus PDF), important if you are giving
candles as a gift
· OPTIONAL/RECOMMENDED: Private 60 to 90 minute exclusive video tutorial is included, where I explain the entire process one-on-one, including a little science and quality control – like I do in live workshops (by appointment at a mutually convenient time). It’s not necessary to try and make your candles at the same time as our video call (unless you really want to), so don’t worry!
A digital food thermometer
Fragrance oil. You can choose up to 2 varieties. Totaling approx. 77ml – enough for 4 candles.

Select up to 2 fragrances:
Jasmine and Green Tea
Smooth Cuban Tobacco
Peony and Blush Suede
The Rich Blend: Tobaccos, clove & patchouli infused w/pomegranate
*Please note: All fragrances (except sandalwood and Smooth Cuban Tobacco) are guaranteed paraben free)

What you will need at home to make candles:
2 X pots one larger, one smaller – one must fit inside the other with enough space – at least 5 cm from the edges
A double boiler stand, or a round metal scone or biscuit cutter
A stove/cooker
Something for stirring/breaking up the melting wax – like a thin piece of wood Kebab stick, thin wooden spoon, chopsticks are great!
A device to download your PDFs, you’ll be given a link + instructions on where to download them.

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